Manufacturer Saves Over $70,000 in Energy Costs

Air Technologies® Helps Manufacturer Save Over $70,000 in Energy Costs

Air Technologies® has helped a manufacturer of cabinets for kitchens and baths to improve its compressed air piping, lower energy costs and better manage its compressed air system.

The problem began as the manufacturer simply outgrew its air piping system. When the plant was first built, the manufacturer installed an air piping system that was sized to only require two 150 hp air compressors. As the manufacturer grew, it added more air compressors to the system, until it was running four 150 hp air compressors at an artificially high level to get the pressure it needed at the point of use. The manufacturer was also using a 75 hp air compressor as trim.

Air Technologies® quickly assessed the situation and found the air piping was too small to carry the air volume demanded, which was creating an artificial pressure drop of 30 psi. Air Technologies® also discovered that there was not enough compressed air storage in the system to properly control the compressor operation.

Air Technologies® did some calculations and recommended installing a new 4” aluminum piping system, a larger air receiver and the Air Technologies® central compressor control management system ManagAIR®.

By following Air Technologies® expert recommendations, the manufacturer was able to shut off air compressors when they were not required, lower the plant pressure at the point of use to less than 2 psig, and save over 1 million kilowatt hours of electricity and over $70,000 annually. With the upgrades, the plant is running at maximum compressed air efficiency.

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