Air Compressor Control System Saves Manufacturer $80,500

Manufacturer earns an annual $80,500 in energy savings—plus a $60,000 energy rebate

air compressor control system

Air Technologies® helped a manufacturer earn more than $140,500 in energy savings and rebates with new air compressors, air compressor control system and piping.

Quality Metalcraft, a 50-year-old company that specializes in development engineering through manufacturing sheet metal with niche vehicle component production, had various air compressors that were inefficiently maintaining operations at about 650 horsepower (HP). Its compressed-air system fed excessive air pressure through old, corroded black pipes, with poor air quality.

Air Technologies® audited and evaluated Quality Metalcraft’s entire plant and compressed-air system. The compressed-air experts identified opportunities to save more than $80,000 in annual electrical costs. The team installed ManagAIR®, a centralized air compressor control system, and replaced the inefficient piping with a new, four-inch piping system. Air Technologies® also replaced the old compressors with more efficient and reliable Atlas Copco air compressors, as well as air-treatment equipment and components.

The Air Technologies® solutions have saved the manufacturer approximately 830,752 kilowatt hours (kWh) in electric usage each year, which equates to an annual savings of $80,500. With more effective equipment and a centralized control system in place, Quality Metalcraft qualified for an energy rebate from its electric utility and received a $60,000 energy rebate, paid in full. The company is also enjoying a 25-percent increase in productivity.

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