MANAGAIR® Controls Installed on Your Compressors with No Up-Front Costs!

MANAGAIR® Controls Installed on Your Compressors with No Up-Front Costs!


ManagAIR® has been the #1 energy saving controls for compressed air systems for the past 14 years. It’s a unique computerized system developed by Air Technologies® that efficiently monitors and controls your compressed air system 24 hours per day. Industrial plants can spend thousands of dollars each year on the energy that powers their compressed air systems. This energy represents approximately 75% of the total cost of compressed air, according to the Industrial Efficiency Alliance (IEA).

ManagAIR can save you up to 35% on your compressed air energy costs!

The Pay as You$ave program is designed to help your company save energy dollars with little or no up-front expense and you pay for it from the savings it generates for you!

How can ManagAIR® help you?

  • Efficiently sequenced all connected compressors
  • Real time energy saving data
  • Instantaneous operating status of each compressor
  • Shutdown history
  • Alarm alerts with automatic page or email
  • Automatic data logging with graphing
  • Automated sequence changes and energy reporting
  • Compressor diagnostics-local and remote
  • View ManagAIR® on your local network or over the internet
  • Connect to all brands of compressors/dryers

Here’s how it works:

We’ll benchmark your system and then we’ll install ManagAIR® and you pay a monthly payment equal to 80% of the energy savings that ManagAIR® delivers until the system is paid off (not to exceed 2 years).

You will be saving money right off the bat with no up-front expense!

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