Make DirectAIR® your Fourth Utility!

DirectAIR. Your fourth utility.

DirectAIR® supplies guaranteed, high-quality, clean, dry compressed air!

Many companies pay for compressed air equipment to generate their compressed air needs. Now there is a more cost-effective and reliable compressed air option that eliminates the need to buy and maintain costly compressed air equipment.

Air Technologies® offers a state-of-the-art DirectAIR® compressed air utility service that has supplied consistent, high-quality compressed air to more than 150 companies with more than 7 million hours of reliable operation. Air Technologies® is the go-to source for 100% reliable, high-quality compressed air.

Air Technologies® owns, operates and maintains a compressed air facility that we install in our own building onsite at a manufacturer’s facility — freeing up floor space within the plant. The manufacturer pays a monthly fee for the utility service and compressed air use, similar to other utility services such as gas, electricity and water. It is that simple.

Count on DirectAIR® compressed air utility service for:

  • Guaranteed 100% reliability
  • Sustainable productivity
  • Continuous energy savings
  • Lowest overall compressed air cost
  • Modern, energy-efficient equipment and controls
  • Clean, quality air supply
  • No emergency rental costs
  • No maintenance cost

Discover how DirectAIR® can lower your compressed air costs today!

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