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Air Technologies® Utility Services Group provides your business with a straightforward, convenient way to purchase compressed air as a utility, manage and control compressed air systems, free up space for production and remotely monitor compressed air systems, all which lead to stress-free operations. Contact us and learn how easy 100% reliable compressed air solutions can be at your plant.

Air Technologies® utility services keep you protected 24/7/365.

  • directair
    DirectAIR® Utility Service — With DirectAIR® compressed air utility service, compressed air is treated as a fourth utility. Air Technologies® installs, operates and maintains a state-of-the-art compressed air facility at your site, and a steady stream of clean, compressed air is guaranteed.
  • ManagAIR Utility Service
    ManagAIR® Utility ServiceManagAIR® is the most advanced, easy-to-use system available today for controlling and monitoring an industrial, multiple air compressor system.
  • MonitAIR Utility Service
    MonitAIR® Utility ServiceMonitAIR® gives you comprehensive 24-hour automatic remote monitoring of compressor operating pressures and temperatures, compressor cooling efficiency, operating hours and maintenance requirements.
  • ModulAIR Utility Service
    ModulAIR® Utility ServiceModulAIR® is Air Technologies® Compressed Air Module, a pre-engineered and assembled compressed air facility with all of the necessary accessory components included and installed to ensure proper operation.
  • SurvAIR Utility Service
    SurvAIR® Utility ServiceSurvAIR® allows our technicians to measure, log, graph and analyze all important system factors including flows (CFM), pressures, temperatures, dewpoints and kW.

Simple solutions that deliver superior results! Contact Air Technologies® for information about how our utility services can make production smoother at your plant.

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