Lighting manufacturer enjoys $91,880+ in savings and rebates

Lighting manufacturer enjoys $91,880+ in savings and rebates

Air Technologies® helped a lighting manufacturer save $46,880 in annual energy costs and earn more than $45,000 in energy rebates—and the savings don’t stop there.

Known for its innovative manufacturing processes, Innotec produces lighting for the automotive, commercial vehicle, contract furniture and consumer markets. At its global headquarters, it was using 100 HP load/unload air compressors at each of its four buildings with no backup air compressors. The company sought out Air Technologies® to improve efficiency and energy costs.

After conducting a compressed air study on each building, Air Technologies® experts determined the most efficient and cost-effective solution utilizing the energy rebate program to its fullest. The solution included keeping most of the existing 100 HP air compressors as backups. Air Technologies® installed one Atlas Copco GA 37 VSD to run with one of the company’s existing 50 HP compressors in the first building, a GA 90 VSD in the second building, and a GA 37 load/unload with a GA 37 VSD+ in the third building. In the fourth building, they installed a GA 37 load/unload and a GA 37 VSD+.

After installation, the variable speed drive (VSD) compressors regulated compressor capacity to the air demand, which had a substantial environmental impact. Innotec saved $13,774 in annual energy costs for the first building alone—a 40% energy cost savings!  The manufacturer saw a total of $14,379 in annual energy cost savings in the second building and $18,727 in the third building. Additionally, the company earned a total of $45,000 in energy rebates for the first three buildings. A post-audit is not yet complete for the fourth building.

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