Let the Air Technologies ADVANTAGE Help

Let the Air Technologies ADVANTAGE Help

In this ever changing industry, Quality and the Environment are playing a larger roll than ever before. With the industry standards heading more and more toward ISO, companies just like yours are turning to Air Technologies for our expert help in:

  • Reducing Costs
  • Reducing Waste
  • Reducing Down Time
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Professional Record Keeping

QMS – What is a quality management system?

A common sense, well documented system that ensures consistency and improvement of working practices. Including the products and services produced. They are based on standards, which specify a procedure for achieving effective quality management. ISO 9001 is the most commonly used international standard that provides a framework for a quality management system.

QUALITY ISO 9001 Overview

  • Greater responsibility and quality consciousness among the staff
  • Better use of time and resources
  • Reduced wastage and product failure
  • Greater consistency and traceability of products and services.

ISO 9001 : 2004 Requirements Standard

  1. Quality management
  2. Management responsibility
  3. Resource management
  4. Product realization
  5. Measurement analysis and improvement

ISO 14001 consists of:

  1. General requirements
  2. Environmental policy
  3. Planning
  4. Implementation and operation
  5. Checking and corrective action
  6. Management review

EMS Environmental Management Systems

  • Continual improvement of environmental performance and compliance with legislation.
  • Remove uncertainty and inconsistency by managing disruption and waste
  • Give competitive advantage to avoid international trade barriers
  • Help companies stay in compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Improve overall performance

This means:

IDENTIFY elements of your business that impact on the environment and gain access to the relevant environmental legislation.

PRODUCE objectives for improvement and a management program to achieve them, with regular reviews for continual improvement.

Environment – OVERVIEW

  • Demonstrate high environmental standards
  • Demonstrate compliance with legislation
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve efficiency

We at Air Technologies have seasoned experts in the requirements of QS9000, ISO9001-2 and ISO14001. We offer exclusive products and services to help our customers “GET COMPLIANT” and “STAY COMPLIANT”. Products such as:

FX Computers – Every one of our (62) factory trained service technicians carry a portable computer that they record all of your service work, compressor readings, and suggested future service work. You will be e-mailed a copy of all work orders before the technician leaves. All work orders are also viewable on-line as well.

  • Paperless Record keeping
  • Instant access to all work performed on compressed air system
  • Response to emergencies – fastest in the industry


“Customer Service Agreements” We perform all manufacture’s suggested service and parts work. We properly dispose of your waste oil and filters for you. CSA’s get to the root of your Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Programs.

  • Preventive & predictive maintenance performed on time, every time.
  • Computerized record keeping at your finger tips.
  • Ensures optimum performance for least amount of down time.


Variable Speed Drive compressors are the fastest way to reduce energy costs immediately! They compress the amount of air you need as you need it. They sense your air demand and supply that amount. Saving valuable electrical dollars all day, every day.

  • Most efficient compressors on the market
  • Manufactures the air you need, when you need it.
  • Reduce your energy costs while reducing your impact on the environment.

Oil Free Compressors – Atlas Copco manufactures the worlds most efficient and most dependable Oil Free compressors on the market, hands down. With oil free, there is no oil in the air end which means no oil filters are needed and no pressure drops to contend with, saving even more valuable electrical dollars.

  • Oil free to reduce waste generation.
  • Oil free means less filters which results in higher energy savings.
  • We offer the largest range and type of oil free units in the business.

ManagAIR® is a unique computerized system of hardware and software developed by Air Technologies® which will efficiently monitor and control your compressed air system 24 hours per day. The benefits of ManagAIR is that it significantly lowers your maintenance costs, improves your reliability and significantly improves your efficiency to lower energy cost. A few features include:

  • Automatic data logging with graphing
  • Efficiently sequenced all connected compressors
  • Daily compressor data and maintenance schedule fax or email
  • Alerts you of warnings before they become break-downs
  • Automatic sequencing

MonitAIR® allows Air Technologies® to monitor your system. We receive all the important data including alarms. This allows your technicians to be working on production equipment instead of air compressors.

  • 24 hour automatic remote monitoring of: compressor operating pressures and temperatures, compressor cooling efficiency, operating hours and maintenance requirements
  • All measured data logged to database with built-in trending and graphing functions
  • Quarterly service reports with graphs of logged data
  • Our personnel will have the capability to diagnose many of the most common compressor problems remotely without having to send a service technician
  • Insures critical maintenance intervals are met
  • Reduces your time in the compressor room
  • Minimizes unscheduled downtime – Saving you thousands of $$$ in lost productivity
  • Remote troubleshooting & diagnostic capabilities
  • Saves repair time – allows Air Technologies technicians to bring the right components, parts and tools
  • Reduces Maintenance costs – Maintenance performed according to machine requirements – not just a calendar schedule

DirectAIR® – we will supply, install, operate and maintain a new air compressor system. You need only to provide the necessary land and utilities and pay a monthly charge based on your compressed air consumption. DirectAIR® supplies compressed air as a worry-free utility. You will never have to buy another air compressor or dryer, never issue another purchase order for repairs or maintenance of compressors, and you will all but eliminate the possibility of costly production down-time due to loss of or poor quality compressed air.

  • Guaranteed supply of compressed air
  • Consistently superior air quality
  • Lowest overall compressed air cost
  • No maintenance cost
  • No capitalized cost
  • Tax advantages
  • Modern, energy-efficient equipment and controls significantly reduce electric bills
  • Allows maintenance and management personnel to focus on plant production equipment
  • Use plant space for production, not compressors
  • No emergency rental compressor costs

Aftermarket Group – Air Technologies has a dedicated team of experts to totally satisfy all of your parts requirements – consultative support, quotations, order processing and quick delivery.

  • Parts and service on all models
  • Call only one toll-free number for all your parts requirements
  • Quick delivery for fast results

Direct Parts Hotline 866-300-2601