Kick-start 2018 with the most cost-efficient solution to your compressed air needs

Worry free, reliable compressed air

With DirectAIR®, high-quality compressed air is just the beginning!

With more than 7 million hours without a single hour of lost production, DirectAIR® is guaranteed to make 2018 your most profitable year to date! DirectAIR® provides 100-percent-reliable compressed air to clients, saving Air Technologies® customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy costs, maintenance costs, and emergency rental costs over the years.

Why DirectAIR®?

  • PROVEN RELIABILITY — As the pioneer of the fourth-utility concept, DirectAIR® knows a thing or two about high-quality compressed air. More than 100 Fortune 500 Companies have benefitted from its services!
  • SUPERIOR ENERGY EFFICIENCY — Facilities who make the switch to DirectAIR® typically save between 25 and 50 percent annually in energy costs. Many have also earned energy rebates worth tens of thousands of dollars!
  • STRESS-FREE COMMITMENT Air Technologies® supplies, installs, and operates your new DirectAIR® air compressor system so you can focus on what you do best — your product!

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