Intentionally Designed: Vacuum pumps with you in mind

Intentionally Designed: Vacuum pumps with you in mind
Vacuum pumps for every need

atlas copco industrial vacuum pumps

Atlas Copco thought of you as it designed its innovative series of vacuum pump technologies. It thought of your operation’s application, capacity needs and specific requirements. You demand consistent and efficient vacuum creation, and Atlas Copco brings you vacuum pump solutions that will help you eliminate risk and save on energy costs.

Solution 1: Atlas Copco GHS VSD+
This oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pump packs a punch with variable-speed-drive (VSD) technology. It was engineered to deliver peak performance operating pressures commonly found in industrial applications.
• Cut energy consumption by up to 50%
• Reduce life cycle costs with state-of-the-art VSD technology
• Experience less maintenance intervals compared to current technologies
• Conform to energy management and environmental commitments according to ISO 50001/14001

Solution 2: Atlas Copco GHS 630-4800 (365-3000 cfm)
Another oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pump, the GHS offers up to 3,000 cubic feet per minute (cfm) of vacuum pumping performance across six models for larger capacity needs.
• Ideal for critical applications in printing, electronics, plastics, packaging, woodworking, bottling, canning and similar exacting industries
• Operates at 71 dB(A) so it can be located alongside your machine in areas where people work
• Runs with a 400,000-hour bearing life
• Maintains clean lubrication to the element with spin-on oil filters

Solution 3: Atlas Copco GVS 20-300 (12-215 cfm)
This oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump operates with high quality, impressive reliability and a low lifecycle cost. With eight models offering pumping speeds between 12 and 215 cfm (at 60 Hz), you will find the right model for your specific application.
• Ideal for smaller capacity operations within the packaging, woodworking, rubber, plastics, electronics, paper and printing, material handling and other exacting industries
• Low noise and vibration levels throughout the pressure range
• Built-in gas ballast is fitted as standard to assist in water handling capability
• Oil separation circuit has been optimized to minimize oil vapors in the exhaust gas

As North America’s largest Atlas Copco distributor, Air Technologies® is equipped with a team of vacuum pump experts to help you find the best solution for your operation. Contact us today!