Compressed Air Piping Installations

Expert installation of compressed air piping

At Air Technologies®, we understand that your compressed air and inert gas delivery systems play a vital role in your production processes. Delivering air and inert gas in the most efficient and cost-effective way can make a drastic difference in your productivity and ultimately your bottom line.

This is why Air Technologies® offers an aluminum solution to help you mitigate the issues created by traditional piping products. The aluminum piping system is made from high quality, durable components that:

Save installation time with patented “quick connection” fittings on projects up to 6” in diameter

Lower energy costs by reducing system pressure drop and eliminating leakage

Do not corrode or add contaminates to the system

Can be assembled and disassembled for easy modification of the system layout

Are extremely lightweight for minimal impact on roof load

Include a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty*

Provide a cost-effective, energy efficient solution for “green” initiatives and rebates

Can add dollars to your bottom line

Since 1963, we have made it our mission to become a leading resource in compressed air and inert gas system design. Today, Air Technologies® is the largest installer of aluminum piping systems in North America.

Benefits of aluminum piping

Save Time

  • Specially designed connectors decrease the amount of labor required for installation and modification and can save up to 60% of the time required to install traditional materials such as steel and copper
  • Specially designed “drop” brackets allow for easy addition of drops and bypasses to the
    system with minimal effort—also available in “hot tap”
  • No need to solder, weld or thread
  • All fittings can be “re-used” allowing the air system to be adapted to your layout needs
    over time
  • Lightweight materials and minimal tooling make transport and prep work onsite during installation simple and easy
  • The aluminum system is ready for immediate pressurization—just connect and go
  • The aluminum system is adaptable to any current system and is complete with all
    fittings required to connect to and from all machinery

Saving on energy cost

  • The smooth interior and “full-flow” fitting design of the aluminum system minimizes the amount of energy required to move molecules from point to point, reducing system pressure drop. Every 2 psi in lost pressure represents 1% of energy consumption by the compressor. A 20 psi system pressure drop has a 10% impact on energy consumption
  • The patented fittings are “airtight” and designed for zero-leakage. Fixing air leaks can be one of the least expensive ways to recover energy expense in your facility. Air Technologies® can walk you through the process of recovering these dollars, including a system audit and ROI information for replacing or repairing your current piping

Safety and Durability

  • High quality, seamless extruded aluminum alloy for corrosion resistance
  • High quality, glass filled nylon composite fittings
  • All components conform to the ASME industrial pressure codes
  • All components are non-flammable according to UL standards
  • Protective powder-coating increases resistance to chemical washdown and UV for external applications


  • Promotes a clean, professional look to the production environment
  • Available in multiple colors for quick identification with no need to paint after installation
  • System flexibility reduces the “spider web” of pipe overhead by adapting lines specifically where they need to be
  • A wide variety of accessories are available, including valves and adaptors that streamline the look and efficiency of the system from source to point of use

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*Warranty applies when installed by an Air Technologies® installation professional and/or by an Air Technologies® trained installer. We offer free installation training and certification.