Innovative vacuum pump series reduces energy use by 50%

Innovative vacuum series reduces energy use by 50% 

Atlas Copco GHS VSD+ Vacuum Pump

Representing a giant leap forward in the vacuum industry, Atlas Copco announces the release of the GHS VSD+, its new range of highly efficient, intelligent vacuum pumps with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology. The two-stage oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps deliver peak performance at operating pressures commonly found in industrial applications.


  • Cuts energy consumption by up to 50%, offering sustainable productivity
  • Reduces lifecycle costs with state-of-the-art VSD technology and an innovative motor design
  • Conforms to energy management and environmental commitments according to ISO 50001/14001


  • Performs significantly better than benchmarked oil-sealed and dry vane vacuum pumps
  • Integrates plug-and-play design principles
  • Maintains a quiet operation with low noise levels around half that of comparable technologies
  • Reduces environmental impact due to ultra-high oil retention at all operating pressures—from ultimate pressure to atmospheric pressure


The new GHS VSD+ range complements Atlas Copco’s full industrial vacuum solutions line.

  • Single stage oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps
  • Fixed speed oil-injected rotary screw vacuum pumps
  • Mechanical booster pumps
  • Rotary piston pumps
  • Liquid ring pumps
  • Steam ejectors

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