Indiana Michigan Power honors Air Technologies® for saving customers 4.1 million kilowatt-hours in energy

AEP Indiana Michigan Power recently recognized Air Technologies® as the Top Performing Trade Ally in Indiana for saving customers 4.1 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electrical energy in 2017.

In addition to helping the utility’s customers reduce their energy usage, Air Technologies® helped customers earn $246,000 in energy rebates in 2017 through such products and services as its state-of-the-art DirectAIR®, ManagAIR®, and Atlas Copco compressed air and vacuum solutions.

This achievement marks the third time in four years that Air Technologies® has been recognized as the Top Performing Trade Ally in Indiana. The utility annually honors a qualified contractor, vendor, or service provider of energy-efficient products and services that helps Indiana Michigan Power customers save in electrical usage and costs.

As North America’s largest Atlas Copco air compressor distributor, Air Technologies® is equipped with the expertise to help customers find the best solutions for their unique compressed air needs. VSD compressors, for example, closely monitor an application’s air demand and automatically adjust the motor speed to meet its specific requirements. With VSD technology, customers see an average energy savings of 35% to 50% and an average 22% to 37% reduction in the lifecycle cost of a compressor — making it a major energy and cost savings solution.

In addition, businesses looking to invest in new energy-efficient compressed air equipment and practices may qualify for energy rebate programs to help reduce their costs.

Contact an Air Technologies® expert today for more information on energy saving solutions!

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