How One Company Eliminated Air Compressor Repairs & Downtime

Atlas Copco VSD series air compressors
An Air Technologies® customer that manufactures equipment for the packing and shipping industries realized that it needed to replace outdated, oversized air compressor equipment. They were running two machines — one with a 100-horsepower (hp) motor and one with a 50-hp motor. With breakdowns becoming more frequent and costly downtime and repair expenses mounting, the company decided to tap the industry expertise at Air Technologies®.

After performing an air audit, the Air Technologies® sales engineer recommended one 40-hp Atlas Copco variable speed drive compressor to provide a sufficient compressed air supply to the entire plant on all three shifts. As a precautionary measure, the customer also had Air Technologies® install a 40-hp Atlas Copco direct drive screw compressor as a backup. The solution that Air Technologies® provided, delighted the customer.

“We are extremely happy with the equipment that Air Technologies® installed. Things run so much more quietly and way more efficiently now.” Plant Facilities Manager

The company has experienced a reduction in compressed air electricity costs of nearly 50 percent since the new equipment was installed.

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