Air Technologies® helps manufacturer receive 47% annual energy savings and $11,000 energy rebate

A new Atlas Copco air compressor helped a chemical manufacturer save 47% in energy costs and receive a $11,000 energy rebate.

Crown Technologies was operating an aging 50-horsepower load/unload air compressor at unnecessary high pressure. Air Technologies® performed an audit on the compressed air system and recorded amps on the compressor for a one-week period. The data from the audit and energy-consumption calculations helped Air Technologies® identify opportunities for substantial energy savings and utility company rebates.

Based on the results of the air system audit, Air Technologies® recommended the installation of a new Atlas Copco GA37 VSD+ air compressor and a decrease in plant operating pressure to 100 PSI.

A post-audit confirmed annual energy cost savings of $17,000 and a 47% savings in energy consumption (158,600 annual kilowatt-hours). As a result, Crown Technologies also received a custom rebate from Indianapolis Power & Light Company in the amount of $11,000. Crown Technologies’ return on its investment paid for the new air compressor in one year.

In addition to the energy savings and custom utility company rebate, Crown Technologies was able to repurpose the old compressor as a viable backup unit to increase system reliability.

To learn how you can increase your plant’s cost efficiency or qualify for energy rebates, contact an Air Technologies® sales engineer today!!

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