Achieve Ground-Breaking Energy and Cost Savings

Achieve Ground-Breaking Energy and Cost Savings

DirectAIR compressed air utility

How are some Air Technologies® customers routinely saving millions in annual kWh, thousands in annual energy costs and winning valuable energy rebates and awards?

Customers are increasingly discovering the value of DirectAIR®, a compressed air utility service from Air Technologies®. The DirectAIR® solution is backed by our expert knowledge and know-how, tailored to meet our customers’ exact needs. It offers a complete state-of-the-art compressed air facility installed at your site. Air Technologies® owns, operates and maintains our DirectAIR® facility at maximum efficiency for an agreed time period, supplying a steady stream of high quality compressed air, guaranteed.

In addition to monthly cost savings, customers enjoy our DirectAIR®solution for its proven reliability, superior energy efficiency, comprehensive preventive maintenance, recovered plant space and decreased time spent on compressed air issues.

Last year, Air Technologies® was honored twice for helping our customers save over 8 million annual kWh and $700,000 in annual energy costs in 2012:

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