Air Technologies® saves a global technology company more than $70,000 annually

Air Technologies® saves a global technology company more than $70,000 annually


Improving System Management

When Johnson Controls, a global technology company needed help with its compressed air systems, Air Technologies® was there to assess the problem, provide a solution and save the company more than $70,000 in energy costs annually.

Johnson Controls was running multiple air compressors from a local manufacturer. An Air Technologies® service technician completed an audit and found that the compressors had the potential of being managed in a more efficient manner to reduce wasted energy costs and improve long-term reliability.

The Air Technologies® Solution

Upon conducting the audit, Air Technologies® was able to base load the compressors and use one of them to do the trimming. Air Technologies® upgraded Johnson Controls’ existing compressors and installed a ManagAIR® control system to help the company better control and monitor its compressed air systems from one central location.

Johnson Controls opted to completely shut down one of its existing compressors after updating the controllers and installing the ManagAIR® control system. With these new solutions, the company capped the rebate at $20,000 and is saving more than $70,000 in energy costs each year.

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