Global Beauty Company Saves $73,000 with ManagAIR® Monitoring System

A subsidiary of one of the top global beauty companies wanted to reduce costs and increase energy efficiency at its plants across the country. The manufacturer contacted the experts at Air Technologies®, North America’s largest Atlas Copco distributor, to find cost-efficient, energy-saving solutions that could meet the global beauty retailer’s compressed air demands and also provide consistent monitoring for their compressed air system.

Air Technologies® recommended and installed ManagAIR® on all of the existing Atlas Copco air compressors and dryers being used for production. ManagAIR® is the most advanced, state-of-the-art computerized system that allows manufacturers to monitor and control their compressed air system 24/7/365 on a desktop or mobile device. A powerful graphing function allows for easy trending and analysis of the data to maximize system efficiency, reduction of maintenance costs and minimization of unscheduled downtime The technology that ManagAIR® offers allows manufacturers to sequence all air compressors at peak efficiency, saving thousands on energy costs. ManagAIR® can even be customized to monitor and control air dryers, pumps, fans, louvers, valves and other equipment to provide complete and comprehensive control of a manufacturer’s compressed air system.

The global beauty manufacturer is very impressed with ManagAIR® monitoring service and the way it has significantly improved overall efficiency, freed up valuable personnel production time and allowed for total operation, monitoring and control of their compressed air system. Since installation, they estimate annual savings of over $73,000!

Contact Air Technologies® today and discover how ManagAIR® can help your plant save thousands with the most advanced compressed air system monitoring system available!
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