Get Guaranteed 100% Reliability with DirectAIR®

100% worry-free compressed air
DirectAIR® is a fourth utility service that provides manufacturers with a worry-free, steady stream of high-quality compressed air. Air Technologies® takes complete responsibility for the compressed air system housed on-site at its customers’ facilities and supplies reliable, clean, compressed air 24/7/365. Customers have no capital investment and no ongoing equipment maintenance costs.

With DirectAIR®, Air Technologies® customers are simply billed monthly for use and consumption like other utilities, such as water, gas and electric. It’s a monthly payment that becomes an operating expense. Customers experience up to 50% energy savings, too, due to improved efficiencies and the use of state-of-the-art compressed air equipment.


  • No more breakdowns.
  • No upfront capital investment.
  • No performance issues.
  • No rising energy costs.
  • No maintenance, repair or parts costs.
  • No rental fees.
  • No scrap.
  • No downtime or lost production.

Air Technologies® owns, operates, monitors, and maintains its DirectAIR® facilities, providing the highest level of preventive maintenance and a continuous stream of high-quality compressed air and guarantees 100% reliability.

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