Get ahead of the curve with the DirectAIR® solution from Air Technologies®


With more than 6 million hours of reliable operation and superior quality compressed air, DirectAIR® is the ultimate compressed air solution that will set your plant apart from the rest.

The Benefits Are Endless!

  • No costly maintenance or repairs
  • No capital outlay
  • No equipment to purchase
  • Superior designs and operating expertise
  • A monthly payment that is now an operating expense
  • Achieving dramatic electric cost savings with our industry-leading solutions
  • Flexibility to increase or decrease the system size with your company’s changing needs
  • Easy startup — a pre-manufactured facility means it will be ready to run upon delivery
  • Worry-free, 100% reliable, clean, dry air 24/7/365

Air Technologies® is committed to providing customers with the most advanced, energy-efficient technology. That’s why we developed our DirectAIR® solution. Air Technologies® will install, own, and operate a complete state-of-the-art compressed air facility on site — guaranteed to boost customers’ bottom lines and save them up to 50% on their energy costs.

DirectAIR®: Compressed Air Utility Service

  •  DirectAIR® sites can achieve up to 50% energy cost reductions, and many qualify for valuable energy rebates.
  • DirectAIR® is backed by the expert knowledge and know-how of the Air Technologies® team and it is tailored to meet customers’ exact needs.
  • Whether your energy bill is $1,000 or $100,000 a month, DirectAIR® can save you energy and maintenance expenses, recover plant space, and so much more.

Is it time for your plant to experience worry-free, 100% reliable compressed air with the DirectAIR® solution? Contact the Air Technologies® experts today.