Fuel systems manufacturer earns a $27,500 energy rebate

Fuel systems manufacturer earns a $27,500 energy rebate

air compressor control system

Air Technologies® helped Holley Performance Products, a Kentucky performance-fuel-systems manufacturer, earn a $27,500 energy rebate by installing a ManagAIR® control system. The customer is also now saving an annual $29,000 in energy costs.

Air Technologies® first helped Holley Performance Products save $20,000 in annual energy costs by updating its compressed-air system to operate at peak efficiency, meet quality control standards and eliminate low pressure and leakage. After the solution was in place for a couple of years, the manufacturer asked Air Technologies® to find additional energy savings areas.

The Air Technologies® team conducted an air audit and recommended installing a ManagAIR® control system. ManagAIR® efficiently monitors, operates and controls compressed-air systems from a LAN-connected PC. It provides automatic data logging of all operating conditions of the connected equipment. This would help Holley efficiently sequence all connected air compressors at peak efficiency and reliability.

After installing the cost-efficient ManagAIR® system, Holley is experiencing $29,000 in annual energy savings. In addition, the new, energy-efficient solution qualified the manufacturer for a one-time $27,500 energy rebate.

To learn how you can increase your plant’s cost efficiency or qualify for energy rebates, contact an Air Technologies® sales engineer!

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