Flooring manufacturer estimated to save $242,000 in five years with Air Technologies®

Flooring manufacturer estimated to save $242,000 in five years with Air Technologies®


A laminate floor manufacturer received a $42,000 energy rebate and is able to save an additional $40,000 per year in energy costs as a result of Air Technologies® leading air compressor solutions.

When looking for a way to save energy at its plant, the laminate floor manufacturer reached out to Air Technologies® for help. The customer was operating three 200-horsepower (HP) compressors, which were running very inefficiently. It was planning to add a new production line and needed additional air compressors. The manufacturer wanted to make sure all of the air compressors would work together effectively.

The Air Technologies® team conducted a system review and air study. They analyzed the company’s current system and offered a solution that would ultimately save the customer thousands in annual energy costs. Once the air study was completed and the options were discussed with the customer, the Air Technologies® team installed a 175-HP variable speed Atlas Copco air compressor. The Air Technologies® technicians also installed a ManagAIR® control system so the customer can easily monitor, operate and control their air compressors from a central location.

Upon making Air Technologies®’ recommended updates to its air compressors and system, the manufacturer began seeing immediate savings. Now, the customer is saving more than $40,000 annually on its energy bill and it received a $42,000 rebate from the utility company. Combined, the customer is saving more than $82,000 in one year, which reflects an estimated five-year value of $242,000 in savings.

If you think your plant could benefit from great energy savings like this, contact an Air Technologies® sales engineer today!

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