Find out if DirectAIR® is right for your plant!


Do you have problems with your current compressed air system? Would you like to save thousands in energy costs and maintenance fees? Find out if DirectAIR®, the ultimate compressed air system from Air Technologies®, is the right choice for your plant by getting answers to some commonly asked questions.

Q: How do I know if DirectAIR® is the best solution for my plant?

A: If you answer yes to three or more of the following questions, then DirectAIR® is the right solution for you:

  • Is 100% reliable compressed air critical to your plant’s operation?
  • Are you facing a large compressed-air-related capital investment?
  • Is poor quality air causing production downtime and/or high scrap costs?
  • Is your current compressor system inefficient and taking up needed plant space?
  • Are you experiencing excessive compressed air related maintenance, repair and/or rental costs?

Q: What happens if our air demands change while we’re using DirectAIR®?

A: If your plant requires increasing or decreasing air capacity, your DirectAIR® system can be modified as needed. We can easily add or subtract equipment based on your plant’s demands to make sure you have the right amount of capacity.

Q: How does Air Technolgoies® bill me for my DirectAIR® use?

A: Think of DirectAIR® as your fourth utility. You will be billed similar to any other utility. Every month you will receive a bill based on your specific air usage. The use and cost adjusts based on your air demand, so you’re only billed for what you use.

The experts at Air Technologies® have the answers to all of your frequently asked questions and we guarantee our DirectAIR® solution will provide the reliable, energy efficient and quality compressed air your plant needs.

Do you have more questions we haven’t covered? Contact our experts today for all of your answers!