Facts About Filtration

Importance of Air Inlet Filtration

The air inlet filter is the most important filter on your compressor.

Dust ingestion will drastically reduce the life of the compressor element, oil separator element and compressor oil.

The most important task for a compressor inlet air filter is to ensure sufficient protection of the compressor element against wear under most of the common environmental conditions.

By stopping contamination at the air inlet filter you extend the life of the:

  • Compressor element
  • Oil separator
  • Compressor oil filter
  • Compressor oil
  • Bearings and moving parts

Importance of Oil Filtration

The compressor oil filter’s task is to remove all wear-promoting impurities from the oil without separating any special additives.

In both oil free and oil injected compressors the compressor oil is used for lubrication of the compressor element bearings and drive shaft bearings as well as the gears. Any dust or dirt ingestion will damage the rollers of these bearings and the gear contact surfaces. Wear of the bearings or damage to the gears will eventually result in loss of proper clearances within the compressor element, causing reduced performance and element life and may cause an unplanned total element failure.

Further damage to the bearing rollers will result in cage-breakage and ultimately complete destruction of the compressor element.

In oil-injected screws where the oil is used for sealing between the rotors and heat removal, the dust and dirt in the compressor oil will end up between the rotors and compressor element housing and result in damage of the rotors and therefore performance loss.