Experience Outstanding Reliability and Performance With Premium Atlas Copco Compressors!


  • Oil-injected Rotary Screw Compressors
  • Variable Speed Drive Available
  • 40 – 125 HP
  • 151 – 614 CFM
  • 107 – 189 PSI

Could your plant benefit from air compressors that are reliable, save energy and can operate in even the harshest conditions? Then Air Technologies® has the perfect solution for you! Air Technologies® Atlas Copco 40-125HP GA, GA+ and GA VSD air compressors are the best in the industry, providing outstanding sustainability, reliability and performance, while minimizing the total cost of ownership. The added VSD technology significantly reduces energy costs, which means huge savings at your plant. Keep up with plant demands — contact Air Technologies® and find an air compressor that will have your plant running at top efficiency!

You’ll love these Atlas Copco air compressors benefits!

  • GA VSD: Superior Energy Savings — These Atlas Copco air compressors use unique integrated Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology, providing an average of 35% energy savings. Additionally, the Integrated Dryer Saver Cycle saves up to 60% of the dryer’s electrical consumption.
  • GA+: Best Performance in the Industry — These models use Industry-leading free air delivery which means low energy consumption at your plant, as well as an IE2 High Efficiency motor in combination with efficient element.
  • GA: Outstanding Compressor — The Atlas Copco GA air compressors offer high performance free air delivery, and use efficient environmentally-friendly R410A integrated dryer which reduces footprint and pressure drops.

Get ready to stress less and save more! Contact us about the best air compressors in the industry!

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