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Reduce nitrogen costs by 80% with on-location nitrogen.

Ready to save money and increase efficiency? Then it’s time to consider the benefits that switching from a delivered liquid nitrogen service to on-location nitrogen can have for your plant. On-location nitrogen, a sister function of compressed air, has value for a variety of industries including food packaging, craft brewing, chemical manufacturing, metal processing and more. Nitrogen also can be used to provide a pressurized atmosphere to prevent package collapse.

Air Technologies® experts work with manufacturers to identify maximum cost-saving opportunities at their plant. Offering a wide selection of AtlasCopco NGP+ nitrogen generators with pressure swing absorption (PSA) technology, Air Technologies® can help your plant lower costs and increase efficiency with on-location nitrogen options that have proven sustainability for the future.

Switch now and save!

Save money:
Manufactures’ that switch to on-location nitrogen can save between 40 to 80% depending on current liquid nitrogen prices. Additionally, switching to on-location nitrogen eliminates the extra expense of delivery service and bulk user evaporation losses.

Elevate efficiency:
NGP+ nitrogen generators have sensors that automatically adjust nitrogen purity and pressure, as well as remote monitoring technology that ensures reliability.

Go green:
Reduce your plant’s carbon footprint by switching to on-location nitrogen. When integrated with a state-of-the-art compressed air system, on-location nitrogen can reduce energy consumption by up to 50% and produce nitrogen with purities of up to 99.999%.

Don’t be held back by inefficient nitrogen delivery cycles this year. Switch to on-location nitrogen and discover why producing your own nitrogen is the sustainable, cost-saving solution for your plant!

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