Exceed Your Plant’s 2021 Budget Goals with DirectAIR®!

With DirectAIR®, the savings begin instantly!

Embrace the new year with an innovative compressed air solution! With DirectAIR® utility service, Air Technologies® installs, monitors and maintains a complete state-of-the-art compressed air facility at your manufacturing plant. A continuous stream of 100% reliable compressed air is guaranteed, 24/7/365. So, leave old compressed air issues in the past — and get ready to save thousands in the new year!

Why should your plant choose DirectAIR® in 2021?

  • Cost Savings — With DirectAIR®, eliminate costly compressed air capital investments, expensive maintenance and repair costs that impact your plant’s budget.
  • Energy EfficiencyAir Technologies® DirectAIR® facilities are equipped with the most energy-efficient compressed air systems and controls available today. Customers typically save up to 25 to 50% annually in energy costs — in fact, DirectAIR® has saved customers $148 million in total energy costs!
  • Proven ReliabilityDirectAIR® provides a guaranteed supply of clean, high-quality compressed air and has provided DirectAIR® customers with over 10 million hours of reliable operations. Meet your plant’s production deadlines and eliminate downtime.