Enjoy Compressed Air Peace of Mind.

DirectAIR® is flexible, scalable and 100% reliable.

Can your current compressed air system beat the summer heat and improve efficiency at your plant? With DirectAIR®, Air Technologies® owns, installs, monitors and maintains a complete state-of-the-art compressed air facility in our own building outside of your manufacturing site. Compressed air is treated as a fourth utility, meaning customers only pay for use and consumption, and never end up paying for costly compressed air leaks. Make this the summer of savings with DirectAIR®!

Are you ready to save this summer with DirectAIR®?

  • System Design and Installation — With DirectAIR®, the costs of the compressed air system design, engineering and installation are included as part of the utility service.
  • Scalable and Flexible — Increase or decrease air consumption based on your plant’s needs. A monthly fee is charged based on the customer’s compressed air consumption.
  • 100% ReliableDirectAIR® utility service has supplied companies with more than 9.5 million hours of continuous, reliable operations.
  • Energy EfficiencyAir Technologies® DirectAIR® facilities are equipped with the most energy-efficient compressed air systems and controls on the market, and typically save customers up to 25 to 50% annually in energy costs.

Experience scalable, flexible compressed air at your plant this summer! Switch to DirectAIR® today!