Energy savings triple at printing company

Air Technologies® helped a printing facility triple its energy savings by installing five new Atlas Copco air compressors and a ManagAIR® system.

A local newspaper printing facility needed to replace its old equipment with new air compressors. The facility was running five, 100-horsepower (HP), fixed-speed compressors and wanted to install the same setup. The facility also performed its own maintenance and had an old sequencer that was cycling the compressors.

Air Technologies® installed five new 100-HP Atlas Copco compressors and, rather than installing a new sequencer, recommended the printing facility use ManagAIR®. With ManagAIR®, a state-of-the-art computerized system centrally monitors and controls the facility’s air compressor system 24 hours a day, minimizing the time the plant’s personnel spends in the compressor room while significantly reducing energy costs, maintenance costs and downtime.

Since the installation of ManagAIR® and the new air compressors, the facility’s energy savings have tripled. The printing facility also earned a $10,500 energy rebate which helped them pay for the ManagAIR® system. The company was so excited about the success in energy savings that it started a company-wide green initiative, and the employee that worked with Air Technologies® to implement the ManagAIR® system received company-wide energy savings awards.

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