End the Year with Guaranteed Savings and Zero Compressed Air Issues with DirectAIR®

With DirectAIR®, high-quality compressed air is just the beginning!

Don’t let an end-of-year budget crunch keep your plant from experiencing high-quality, clean compressed air.  With DirectAIR® for your fourth utility, Air Technologies® installs a complete state-of-the-art compressed air facility at your plant’s site. Manufacturers receive a continuous stream of 100% reliable compressed air, and only pay for use and consumption. So, why not finish the year with guaranteed cost savings and leave costly compressed air issues in the past!

  • Save on Maintenance and Repairs DirectAIR® utility service eliminates repair, maintenance and emergency rental costs, improving your plant’s bottom line.
  • Proven Reliability — With DirectAIR®, lost production due to low air pressure is a thing of the past. DirectAIR® utility service has supplied companies with more than 9 million hours of reliable, risk-free operations.
  • Energy Efficiency DirectAIR® facilities are equipped with the most efficient equipment and controls, meaning customers can save up to 50% in annual energy costs, and may also be eligible for energy rebates.
  • No System Operation Required — Air Technologies® monitors and maintains the DirectAIR® facility and compressed air system, reducing the need for oversight by plant employees.

Why wait? Contact Air Technologies® and finish 2019 with the most cost efficient, 100% reliable compressed air solution in the industry!

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