Don’t Risk It! DirectAIR® Is the 100% Reliable, Stress-Free Compressed Air Solution.

DirectAIR® provides superior protection over owning or leasing equipment.

Why take risks with your compressed air system when DirectAIR® provides 24/7/365 compressed air security? With DirectAIR®, Air Technologies® installs, operates and maintains a compressed air system for an agreed time period and supplies a steady stream of high-quality compressed air. Unlike leasing, your plant is protected from the stress of unforeseen maintenance costs and costly emergency repairs. DirectAIR® monitors all aspects of your compressed air system, including cooling systems, controls, monitors, motors, starters, filters, dryers, interconnecting piping, auto drains, fans, buildings, lighting and more. This year choose the most reliable compressed air system solution available on the market — choose DirectAIR® and breathe easy knowing that we have you covered.

  • Stress-Free SavingsDirectAIR® only charges based on your utility use and compressed air consumption, treating compressed air as a fourth utility.
  • Big Energy SavingsDirectAIR® facilities are equipped with the most energy efficient equipment and controls available, meaning customers typically experience energy savings between 25-50%.
  • Reliability Guaranteed — The numbers don’t lie. DirectAIR® has provided customers with over 10 million hours of reliable operations and clean compressed air.

Make sure your compressed air supply is protected this year! Contact Air Technologies® and we’ll make system reliability and plant productivity a reality at your plant!