DirectAIR® Utility Service Team helps Hebron plant detect and resolve major power issues

DirectAIR® Utility Service Team helps Hebron plant detect and resolve major power issues

The Air Technologies® compressed air control and monitoring system, ManagAIR®, recently helped detect a serious incoming electrical feed problem for a DirectAIR® customer. The monitoring system recorded the erratic voltage and current and alerted an Air Technologies® first responder who was able to immediately address the situation with the customer and work with the customer’s electrical equipment vendor to quickly indentify and resolve the issue.

The customer had invested in a new piece of incoming power feed equipment from another vendor that was intended to stabilize and control the 460 volt power to their plant equipment. Immediately after the installation of the new equipment, the plant experienced erratic incoming voltage and current draw. The customer was not aware of these new power issues, which started causing motor failures on their production equipment.

Air Technologies®’s exclusive compressor control and monitoring system, ManagAIR®, quickly alerted the first responder on duty to the issue. The first responder notified the customer of the erratic current draw and immediately provided data from ManagAIR® that demonstrated the severity of the issue. It also showed that the power issues began immediately after the new electrical equipment was installed. DirectAIR® Operations Manager Chuck Bohon and a first responder were at the site within hours to assist in the resolution of this plant-wide problem and to meet with the customer and an engineer from the company that installed the new transformer.

Using ManagAIR®, Air Technologies® was able to go to the transformer with the engineer and the customer and provide them with real-time equipment data on voltage and current draw. The ability to provide the engineer with real-time data at the transformer while adjustments were being made saved many hours of valuable time and potentially further production issues. After approximately 30 minutes, the engineer was able to get the phase-to-phase voltage imbalance down to 1 volt and the amperage imbalance on equipment to 5 amps. By reducing the imbalance of power, the customer will not only save on costly motor repairs and downtime but will experience lower energy costs as well.

“A BIG THANKS to the folks at DirectAIR®,” said the Air Technologies® customer. “The DirectAIR® monitoring equipment has been most helpful in identifying the significance of the issues we were having with our power. Air Technologies®’s support has been outstanding. Just one more benefit for having DirectAIR® at this site!”

Air Technologies® customers understand the many benefits of ManagAIR®’s real-time monitoring system and DirectAIR®’s on-site utility services. Contact Air Technologies® to decrease your equipment downtime and energy costs today!