DirectAIR® Utility Service Makes Saving Money Easy!

DirectAIR® is a 100% reliable, cost-efficient compressed air solution

increase energy savings and earn an energy rebate
Could your business benefit from saving thousands? With DirectAIR®, improving your company’s bottom line is easy. Air Technologies® owns, installs, operates, monitors and maintains a complete state-of-the-art compressed air facility outside of your plant. Ultimately, your company reduces risk by eliminating costly capital outlay and expensive maintenance and repair costs.

Additional ways to save with DirectAIR®:

  • No System Design and Installation Costs — When you choose DirectAIR® for your fourth utility, the cost of the design, engineering and installation of the compressed air system and facility are included as part of the utility service.
  • Scalable and FlexibleDirectAIR® is scalable and flexible, meaning customers only pay for use and consumption. DirectAIR® consumption can easily increase or decrease depending on manufacturing demands.
  • Proven Reliability — A continuous stream of 100% reliable, high-quality compressed air is guaranteed, meaning customers reduce risk and never have to worry about lost production due to compressed air issues.
  • No System Operation Required Air Technologies® monitors and maintains the DirectAIR® facility and compressed air system, eliminating oversight by plant employees.

Start improving your bottom line today! Contact the DirectAIR® experts at Air Technologies® and discover how choosing compressed air for your fourth utility can reduce risk and save your plant thousands!

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