DirectAIR® system saves manufacturer $68,000 in energy

DirectAIR® system saves manufacturer $68,000 in energy


DirectAIR® system increases efficiency and reliability

A new DirectAIR® system from Air Technologies® helped an auto parts manufacturer increase efficiency and reliability.

The manufacturing company located in Troy, Ohio, was having problems keeping its compressed air system running. The company was getting frustrated with the continuous high-maintenance costs, long-term rental fees, inefficient system and large capital expense.

The auto parts manufacturing company contacted Air Technologies® — along with several other compressed air vendors — to weigh its options. After learning more about Air Technologies® DirectAIR® compressed air utility service, the auto parts manufacturer decided it was the perfect solution to eliminate its frustrations.

Air Technologies® installed a DirectAIR® state-of-the-art self-contained compressed air facility on site at the auto parts manufacturer’s site. Because DirectAIR® is a utility service, Air Technologies® owns, operates and maintains the DirectAIR® facility. The manufacturer receives a monthly bill for air and utility use and enjoys a stress-free commitment.

Installing DirectAIR® meant no capital outlay for equipment; no more compressed air maintenance costs; and no more rental fees — just 100% reliable, clean, dry compressed air.

DirectAIR® — a division of Air Technologies®, North America’s largest Atlas Copco distributor — is the pioneer of the fourth-utility concept. Since 1995, Air Technologies® has provided DirectAIR® customers with more than 6 million hours of operations without a single hour of lost production due to low pressure.

As a result of the DirectAIR® installation, the auto parts manufacturing company now saves more than $68,000 each year in energy costs alone, experiences 100% reliability, and enjoys a steady stream of high-quality compressed air, guaranteed.

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