DirectAIR® system saves Air Technologies® customer 18% in annual energy consumption

A manufacturer of high-quality molecular sieves and chromatography gels was operating three older air compressors in its plant. The older compressors were causing the company upwards of $100,000 in annual maintenance costs. The company decided it was time to purchase new equipment but didn’t want the capital expense of replacing equipment. Air Technologies® presented the perfect solution for them: DirectAIR® compressed air utility service.

DirectAIR® — a division of Air Technologies®, North America’s largest Atlas Copco distributor — is the pioneer of the fourth-utility concept and has consistently supplied high-quality compressed air to more than 100 Fortune 500 companies. Since 1995, Air Technologies® has provided DirectAIR® customers with more than 6 million hours of operation without a single hour of lost production due to low pressure.

Because DirectAIR® is a utility service, Air Technologies® owns, operates and maintains the DirectAIR® facility, and doesn’t require any upfront capital investment. Air Technologies® charges a monthly fee based on the compressed air consumption, with billing similar to what a manufacturer gets from an electrical power supplier.

As a result of the DirectAIR® installation, the manufacturing company no longer has to worry about high maintenance costs, and is forecasted to save 18% in annual energy consumption. The company will benefit from 100% reliability and a steady stream of high-quality compressed air, guaranteed.

Are you facing a large compressed air related capital investment? We can help.

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