DirectAIR® System Provides Manufacturer With $72,171 In Energy Savings

DirectAIR unit
A metal stamping, warehousing and distribution manufacturing company was operating three old air compressors. Tired of inefficiencies, breakdowns and high maintenance costs, the company reached out to Air Technologies®.

Air Technologies® performed an air audit and recommended the DirectAIR® compressed air utility service.

Air Technologies® installed a complete DirectAIR® state-of-the-art compressed air facility on the manufacturer’s site. With DirectAIR® utility service, Air Technologies® owns, operates, maintains and takes total system responsibility for the compressed air system, which eliminated the need for the company to purchase costly equipment and removed the burden of any future maintenance costs. As a utility service, the manufacturer receives a monthly bill for air and utility use, like other utilities such as gas, electric and water.

As a result of the DirectAIR® installation, the manufacturer has reduced its energy usage by over 39 percent and has saved $72,171 in annual energy costs. The company now enjoys a stress-free, steady stream of high-quality compressed air, guaranteed.

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