DirectAIR system helps garage door manufacturer receive $25,000 energy rebate

DirectAIR® system helps garage door manufacturer receive a $25,000 energy rebate

A new DirectAIR® system from Air Technologies® helped a garage door manufacturer increase efficiency and reliability.

A local garage door manufacturer specializing in residential and commercial garage door design, installation and repairs was running four out-of-date air compressors at its plant and was also utilizing an undersized refrigerant dryer that wasn’t serving production goals. The undersized dryer and the old compressors were producing a lack in efficiency and creating major reliability issue.

The manufacturer reached out to Air Technologies® for help. Air Technologies® came out and performed a complementary air survey to assess the problems and see if they could find a solution. After completing the survey, the Air Technologies® technician could confirm that the compressors were out-of-date and that the plant needed an update. The survey revealed that the manufacturer would be a good candidate for DirectAIR®, as the service technician found all criteria for qualifying for the system were present, which would help increase compressed air reliability and efficiency.

The Air Technologies® experts installed a state-of-the-art DirectAIR® compressed air facility at the manufacturer’s site and the customer immediately began seeing energy cost savings and a decrease in maintenance and repairs. Because DirectAIR® is a utility service, the manufacturer is only charged for their specific air use and enjoys a stress-free commitment.

Since installing the DirectAIR® facility on its site, the manufacturer has been completely satisfied. The Air Technologies® team worked with the company, along with AEP energy, to help the manufacturer receive an energy rebate of $25,000. Air Technologies® was also able to reduce the horsepower needed to run the plant by 100 HP and reduced their used kilowatt hours by 13%.

In the end, the garage door manufacturer was pleased with the efforts from the Air Technologies® team and has been seeing increased efficiency and reliability in its plant. The company even shared that it will consider DirectAIR® for any future compressed air projects.

To learn if your plant meets the requirements for a DirectAIR® unit, contact an Air Technologies® sales engineer!

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