DirectAIR® saves a building products manufacturer an annual $60,258 in energy costs

DirectAIR® saves a building products manufacturer an annual $60,258 in energy costs


DirectAIR® has been eliminating maintenance costs and increasing energy savings for its customers for years. Customers are repeatedly impressed with how much money they can save, all while gaining access to 100% clean, reliable compressed air. The DirectAIR® solution is owned and operated by the experts at Air Technologies® and is guaranteed to meet our customers’ compressed air needs.

Save thousands in energy costs with DirectAIR®

A large building products manufacturer was struggling to produce 100% clean air in its plant due to old screw compressions. The compressors needed constant, extensive maintenance and created a hot and dirty working environment. As time went on, the manufacturer knew it had to find a new and complete compressed air solution, so it turned to Air Technologies®.

Finding a solution

The experts at Air Technologies® conducted a compressed air audit and recommended DirectAIR® as a solution. Known as a company’s fourth utility, DirectAIR® supplies companies with a consistent supply of 100% clean, compressed air in an on-site, compressed air facility. The Air Technologies® technicians installed the new DirectAIR® facility to increase ventilation, take the equipment off of the production floor, save plant space and create a better working environment. They also installed new, six-inch compressed air piping throughout the two plants.

The new piping and DirectAIR® site eliminated maintenance costs and reduced the manufacturer’s energy usage by about 753,000 kilowatt-hours. The company lowered its annual energy bill by $60,258 and saw a 40% increase in productivity. Due to these energy savings, the manufacturer also received a $60,000 energy rebate that was paid in full.

Contact the experts at Air Technologies® to learn how your plant can decrease energy costs, eliminate maintenance fees and become eligible for energy rebates with the DirectAIR® solution and see if it’s right for you.