Is DirectAIR® right for you? Get the answers to all of your questions!

Is DirectAIR® right for you? Get the answers to all of your questions!


You may have some questions about whether or not DirectAIR® is the right choice for you and your plant, but you never have to question the benefits you’d receive from making the switch!

DirectAIR® benefits:

The experts at Air Technologies® have all the answers you need! We guarantee our DirectAIR® solution will meet your exact needs and provide your plant with reliable, energy efficient, quality compressed air.

Find the answers to some frequently asked questions below:


How long is the DirectAIR® contract?

DirectAIR® is a “fee for service” agreement with no upfront costs. The agreement lasts 24 months, and gives you the option to renew or terminate your service after any 24-month period.
Bonus: The price of your DirectAIR® unit decreases after your fourth renewal!

How am I billed for my DirectAIR® use?

As your fourth utility, DirectAIR® will be billed similarly to your electric bill. Every month you’ll receive a bill based on your air usage and unit size. The use, and cost, adjusts based on your air demand, so you are only billed for what you use.

What happens if our air demand changes?

If your plant ever needs to add or subtract capacity, DirectAIR® can be modified as needed. We can easily add or subtract equipment based on your demands to make sure you have the right amount of capacity.

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