DirectAIR® Provides Unexpected Benefits

Reduce energy costs, improve space use and cut down noise disruption the way New Center Stamping did with DirectAIR® compressed air utility service from Air Technologies®, a total industrial solutions provider.

Air Technologies® teamed up with The Energy Alliance Group of Michigan and performed an extensive air audit for New Center Stamping, which had an existing compressed air system that dated as far back as the 1920s. New Center Stamping offers a wide array of stamped components and welded assemblies, and production highly depends on access to a reliable source of compressed air to eliminate unnecessary downtime.

The experts at Air Technologies® calculated the quantity of air needed for full production and created a customized DirectAIR® solution for the customer. With DirectAIR®, Air Technologies®’ installed a state-of-the-art compressed air system in its own facility outside of the New Center Stamping plant.

With the improvements, the New Center Stamping staff has been able to depend on a reliable supply of compressed air. As a utility service, DirectAIR® customers only pay for use and consumption, eliminating the need to purchase, repair or rent expensive compressed air equipment. New Center Stamping is thrilled with the unexpected benefits that DirectAIR® offers beyond maintaining reliable production:

  • Noise Reduction

    Moving the compressed air system out of the plant significantly reduced the noise level.

  • Computer-Controlled Air Consumption

    The DirectAIR® solution provided a significant reduction in energy use with computer-monitored air production, resulting in optimal air volume with no excess waste and about a 60% reduction in the company’s electric bill.

  • Improved Use of Space

    The former compressed air equipment was removed, freeing up extra space in the plant. The added space allowed New Center Stamping to create an additional storage area.

  • Offsite Equipment Observation

    With DirectAIR®, the compressed air system is constantly monitored offsite and an automated system alerts Air Technologies® technicians before New Center Stamping is even aware there is a problem. If an issue with a compressor or dryer will adversely affect the pressure, flow or dewpoint, that unit is taken off-line and back-up equipment immediately takes over to continue producing clean, dry compressed air. Immediate system responsiveness ensures no adverse impact to compressed air flow, pressure or dewpoint.

To learn if your plant meets the requirements for DirectAIR® compressed air utillity service, contact our experts today!