DirectAIR®: Efficient and Reliable

DirectAIR by Air Technologies
A new DirectAIR® system from Air Technologies® helped a garage door manufacturer increase efficiency, reliability and receive a $25,000 energy rebate.

The garage door manufacturer, which specializes in residential and commercial garage door design, installation and repairs, was running four outdated air compressors and was using an undersized refrigerant dryer that wasn’t serving production goals.

The manufacturer requested assistance from Air Technologies®, which performed an air audit to assess the situation. After completing the audit, Air Technologies® confirmed that the compressors were unreliable and in need of replacement. DirectAIR® compressed air utility service was recommended.

Air Technologies® installed a state-of-the-art DirectAIR® compressed air facility at the manufacturer’s site, and the customer immediately began seeing energy cost savings. The manufacturer also eliminated maintenance and repair costs. Air Technologies® owns, maintains, operates and monitors the complete system, so efficiency and reliability are guaranteed. Because DirectAIR® is a utility service, the manufacturer was charged for only their consumption of compressed air and utility use — similar to gas, electric and water suppliers.

Since installing the DirectAIR® facility on the manufacturer’s site, the Air Technologies® team worked with AEP Energy to help the garage-door manufacturer secure an energy rebate of $25,000. In addition, because Air Technologies® was able to reduce the HP needed to run the plant by 100 HP, the company has cut its kilowatt hours usage by 13%.

If your plant’s compressed air is giving you problems, find out if it meets the requirements for efficient and reliable DirectAIR®.

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