What is DirectAIR & DirectN2 and How can it help me?

What is DirectAIR & DirectN2 and How can it help me?

DirectAIR is a worry free compressed air utility service. Never worry about compressed air again. We guarantee that you will always have the correct amount of air, at the correct pressure, and it will be clean and dry! All you do is pay a monthly utility bill (just like your electric utility bill). We will supply, operate, maintain and provide all of your compressed air requirements. You incur NO CAPITAL EQUIPMENT costs. We handle it all.

We have over 900,000 hours of compressed air service to our customers without a single continuous hour of low air pressure. That is superior RELIABILITY! We are MORE RELIABLE than your electric company.

All of that coupled with a typical electrical savings of 20% to 50%. Everyone wins with DirectAIR!

Are you struggling with out of control Nitrogen costs? Have you been held hostage by a lengthy and expensive nitrogen contract? Are you paying your nitrogen provider a myriad of hidden charges? Are you dissatisfied with your present N2 gas provider? Then you may be a perfect candidate for a DirectN2 solution.

We can provide you with a complete turn key DirectN2 Nitrogen utility. We guarantee that you will have the right amount of nitrogen at the right purity all of the time. Just like in the DirectAIR scenario, once we install a DirectN2 site you will never worry about nitrogen again.

Why not do a comparison between your present supplier and a DirectN2 scenario? Contact us today for a free evaluation.

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