Customers receive over 7 million hours of reliable compressed air operation

DirectAIR® provides customers with over 7 million hours of reliable operation. Here’s what some of those customers had to say about their success with the service.

“DirectAIR® has delivered 100% dewpoint and pressure reliability since start-up. This has resulted in an added benefit of reducing our steam usage and eliminated a safety problem. The overall performance has been above our expectations!”

Chemical Manufacturer

“You have raised the bar for all future compressed air facilities! WOW! DirectAIR® is to be commended.”

Energy & Utility Services

“DirectAIR® surpassed the requirements for the 2017 efficiency guarantees contract. Thank you for exceeding our expectations to save on the cost of this utility, while maintaining quality and reliability of compressed air at all our DirectAIR® sites.”

Automotive Manufacturer

With DirectAIR®, Air Technologies® provides a new reliability standard in the operation, delivery and supply of compressed air by offering it as a utility service. Air Technologies® DirectAIR® owns, installs, monitors and maintains the air compressor systems outside customers’ facilities, taking total system responsibility and eliminating compressed air worries. And, with DirectAIR®, manufacturers eliminate the need for new capital expenditures — compressed air costs become an operating expense.

More Revenue. Proven Reliability. 24/7/365 Compressed Air.
Air Technologies® DirectAIR® Can Get You There.

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