Customer Saves $77,000 in Energy Costs with ManagAIR® Advanced Monitoring System

ManagAIR Advanced Monitoring System
An integrated communications provider was in the process of consolidating two production facilities. Both facilities were operating older compressed air units from multiple manufacturers with no controls. The company was concerned about the efficiency and reliability of the older equipment, so they contacted Air Technologies® for a total solution.

Air Technologies® conducted an air study of the customer’s compressed air system to determine the most energy-efficient way to consolidate the facilities. The experts at Air Technologies® recommended the purchase of four new Atlas Copco compressors with VSD technology, three new dryers and ManagAIR®, Air Technologies® state-of-the-art computerized system that centrally monitors and controls compressed air systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Atlas Copco AirNet piping was provided for the new compressed air equipment, the process equipment relocation and to tie the two air systems together. This solution provided redundancy that increased reliability and productivity, and reduced energy costs by $77,000. The customer is very impressed with the system and finally has peace of mind.

Are you ready to experience ManagAIR® and potentially save your company thousands? Contact Air Technologies® and find out!

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