Customer Realizes Over $5,000 in Annual Cost Savings with ManagAIR®

A national manufacturer of roofing and building solutions was operating an old air compressor and other equipment that could no longer effectively support plant operations. In an effort to find solutions that would increase efficiency, improve reliability, eliminate wet air, monitor their system, and ultimately, provide room for growth, the manufacturer reached out to Air Technologies® to find solutions to improve plant productivity.

After conducting an air study to determine how to best meet the needs of the manufacturer, Air Technologies® recommended the installation of a GA90VSD+ Atlas Copco air compressor and an FD cycling air dryer. The manufacturer also incorporated ManagAIR®, Air Technologies® state-of-the-art system that centrally monitors and controls the compressed air system within the plant, allowing the manufacturer to monitor the compressed air system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Over time, ManagAIR® revealed that the larger compressor with VSD technology allowed the manufacturer to save over $5,000 annually, while providing more flow and future production growth. Additionally, the cycling air dryer also contributed to cost savings and eliminated the wet air problem. The customer now has confidence knowing that the upgraded system is constantly being monitored with the help of ManagAIR®.

Could ManagAIR® help your business increase efficiency and reduce energy costs? Contact Air Technologies® and find out!

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