Is a compressed air utility service right for your plant?

Worry-free compressed air utility service

Wondering if a DirectAIR® compressed air utility service from Air Technologies® is right for your plant? Consider the following when evaluating the status of your current air compressor system:

Is 100% reliable compressed air critical to your plant’s operation?

Since 1995, DirectAIR® has been setting the reliability standard for providing high-quality compressed air as a utility service. Air Technologies® has provided DirectAIR® customers with more than 6 million hours of operations without a single hour of lost production due to low pressure.

Is your current compressor system extremely inefficient?

We equip our DirectAIR® facilities with the most energy-efficient equipment, systems and controls available today to provide significant energy savings.

Our DirectAIR® sites have resulted in 25-50% energy cost reductions.

Are you facing a large compressed air related capital investment?

DirectAIR® does not require any upfront capital investment from your organization. DirectAIR® is your fourth utility — like your electric, gas and water providers — and is a monthly fee for service.

Are you experiencing excessive compressed air related maintenance, repair and rental costs?

DirectAIR® will eliminate all of your compressed air equipment maintenance, repair and rental costs. With DirectAIR®Air Technologies® installs a complete, state-of-the-art compressed air facility in our own building at your site. We will own, operate and maintain this facility.

Is poor air quality causing production downtime and/or high scrap costs?

Compressed air has a significant impact on your plant’s productivity and product quality. With DirectAIR®, you will no longer need to worry about production issues due to poor air quality or loss of compressed air.

If you answered “yes” to three or more of the questions above, DirectAIR® is the right solution for your organization.

Contact us today to start reaping the savings and reliability that DirectAIR® delivers.