Choose Compressed Air as your 4th Utility

DirectAIR® is a cost-efficient solution that boosts plant productivity and energy efficiency.

24/7 reliable, compressed air
Are you tired of dealing with the cost and unreliability of your compressed air equipment? Replace your frustrations for a 100% reliable air supply.

With DirectAIR®, Air Technologies® installs a state-of-the-art compressed air facility outside a manufacturer’s plant site. Air Technologies® owns, operates and maintains all compressed air equipment in that dedicated facility. Air Technologies® takes total system responsibility, supplying guaranteed high-quality, clean, dry compressed air so that system efficiency and reliability are optimized. Manufacturers no longer have to worry about purchasing costly equipment or the burden of future maintenance costs.

Customers with DirectAIR® reap many benefits:

  • Guaranteed air quality (clean, dry air)
  • No maintenance or repair costs
  • No capital equipment outlay
  • Modern, energy-efficient equipment and controls that significantly reduce energy consumption

It’s time to replace your worries about compressed air equipment, maintenance, repair or parts with the reliability and quality of DirectAIR®, the fourth utility. Let Air Technologies® take total system responsibility and supply all the air you need.

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