Buyer Beware: Aftermarket Filters are Not the Same as OEM Filters

An aftermarket (AM) provider was claiming that it sold Atlas Copco original equipment manufacturer (OEM) air filters at a lower cost. The compressed air experts at Air Technologies® conducted an analysis to uncover the truth and did an apples-to-apples comparison.

Not only did the aftermarket provider falsely claim it was selling Atlas Copco OEM air filters, the quality of the AM filters was much lower than Atlas Copco OEM filters. Read further to learn more about what Air Technologies® uncovered.

The AM filters and Atlas Copco OEM filters were sold in similar boxes and they even had identical part numbers.

Despite the packaging similarities, the AM filter and the Atlas Copco OEM filter were quite different. The OEM filter includes extra support around the filter, which helps to prevent premature failure and/or damage to the filter media pleated material due to incoming air.

Both filters include pleated filter media surrounding a center support and foam rubber molded to the ends to secure the media and seal the filter within the housing. However, the “twist” in the filter media and the inconsistent spacing of the pleats on the AM filter indicate sub-standard quality.

The foam molding on the OEM filter is uniform, while the fold molding on the AM filter is inconsistent, which can negatively impact air flow. Loose foam particles can break off and be ingested by the compressor, which can cause failure to the air end.

The air filter is the most important filter on an air compressor, and the media is the most important part of the filter. The more surface area offered by a filter, the longer the filter will last. While both the AM and OEM filters were similar widths, the OEM filter was 20 feet longer than the AM filter.  Atlas Copco’s OEM filter has a surface area 270 sq. ft. larger than the AM filter, and it is also able to capture more dust particulate at a lower pressure for a longer period of time.

Air Technologies® concluded that the aftermarket provider was not offering a product of the same quality as Atlas Copco’s OEM filters.

Are you willing to risk air compressor failure over an inferior aftermarket filter? Ensure that you are getting a quality OEM filter by contacting the compressed air experts at Air Technologies® today.