Automobile Parts Manufacturer Saves $200,000 with DirectAIR®

Automobile Parts Manufacturer Saves $200,000 with DirectAIR®


Cardington Yutaka Technologies, Inc. (CYT), an Ohio automobile parts manufacturer, estimates a $200,000 savings with Air Technologies® DirectAIR® solution.

CYT is an automotive parts manufacturer that specializes in producing torque converters, catalytic converters and exhaust systems, among others. The company operates two satellite plants in front of the main production facility. One of the satellite facilities is a remanufacturing plant while the other is a small one-shift specialty operation. At the remanufacturing site, CYT was operating two 100 HP air compressors to support its air demand at 60% capacity. The air compressors were older and required frequent maintenance. In addition to maintenance and repair costs, the company was paying for higher energy costs with the excess capacity it had in place. For the smaller plant, the manufacturer rented a 25 HP air compressor. The company also used a desiccant dryer since its old refrigerant dryers were no longer operable. The desiccant dryer caused an increase in unnecessary energy costs.

After Air Technologies® experts evaluated CYT’s compressed air system and conditions, they suggested running an underground pipe between the two plants in order to ensure energy efficiency and reliable compressed air at both plants. Air Technologies® also recommended a compressed air system consisting of three 75 HP air compressors, installed as a DirectAIR® solution.

DirectAIR® is a utility service solution that will provide CYT with continuous clean, dry air; 100% reliability; optimal energy savings and 24/7 support from Air Technologies®. By eliminating CYT’s maintenance and repair costs, excessive energy costs, on-going rental costs, dryer purge losses and all of the internal labor needed to keep its system operational, DirectAIR® will save the manufacturer more than $200,000 over the next eight years.

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