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Say “goodbye” to downtime and product scrap due to poor air quality and say “hello” to improved efficiency, increased profit and reduced compressed air related equipment maintenance costs with DirectAIR® compressed air utility service from Air Technologies®.

With DirectAIR®, we install a remote, state-of-the-art, compressed air facility on your site. Air Technologies® experts operate and maintain your facility, supplying high-quality, clean, dry compressed air with virtually no downtime — guaranteed.

Learn why customers rely on DirectAIR® for their complete compressed air solution

  • Guarantees customers continuous compressed air, and is billed similarly to utilities.
  • Frees up floor space for production equipment, not compressed air equipment.
  • Lowers energy costs by up to 50% and helps its customers earn rebates worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Eliminates product scrap and lost production due to low air pressure or poor compressed air quality.
  • Requires no maintenance, repair, parts or rental costs.
  • Eliminates oversight by plant personnel so that 100% of their time can be focused on plant production.

Frustrated with your compressed air system? Learn how DirectAIR® from Air Technologies® can remove the risk of downtime once and for all.

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DirectAIR® Provides Unexpected Benefits

Reduce energy costs, improve space use and cut down noise disruption the way New Center Stamping did with DirectAIR® compressed air utility service from Air Technologies®, a total industrial solutions provider.

Air Technologies® teamed up with The Energy Alliance Group of Michigan and performed an extensive air audit for New Center Stamping, which had an existing compressed air system that dated as far back as the 1920s. New Center Stamping offers a wide array of stamped components and welded assemblies, and production highly depends on access to a reliable source of compressed air to eliminate unnecessary downtime.

The experts at Air Technologies® calculated the quantity of air needed for full production and created a customized DirectAIR® solution for the customer. With DirectAIR®, Air Technologies®’ installed a state-of-the-art compressed air system in its own facility outside of the New Center Stamping plant.

With the improvements, the New Center Stamping staff has been able to depend on a reliable supply of compressed air. As a utility service, DirectAIR® customers only pay for use and consumption, eliminating the need to purchase, repair or rent expensive compressed air equipment. New Center Stamping is thrilled with the unexpected benefits that DirectAIR® offers beyond maintaining reliable production:

  • Noise Reduction

    Moving the compressed air system out of the plant significantly reduced the noise level.

  • Computer-Controlled Air Consumption

    The DirectAIR® solution provided a significant reduction in energy use with computer-monitored air production, resulting in optimal air volume with no excess waste and about a 60% reduction in the company’s electric bill.

  • Improved Use of Space

    The former compressed air equipment was removed, freeing up extra space in the plant. The added space allowed New Center Stamping to create an additional storage area.

  • Offsite Equipment Observation

    With DirectAIR®, the compressed air system is constantly monitored offsite and an automated system alerts Air Technologies® technicians before New Center Stamping is even aware there is a problem. If an issue with a compressor or dryer will adversely affect the pressure, flow or dewpoint, that unit is taken off-line and back-up equipment immediately takes over to continue producing clean, dry compressed air. Immediate system responsiveness ensures no adverse impact to compressed air flow, pressure or dewpoint.

To learn if your plant meets the requirements for DirectAIR® compressed air utillity service, contact our experts today!

Atlas Copco Air Compressor Helps Packaging Company Reduce Energy Usage by 56% and Earn $46,960 Energy Rebate

Atlas Copco GA VSD
An Indianapolis-based facility that specializes in custom packaging solutions for branded and healthcare markets was operating an oversized air compressor that was cycling excessively, using significant amounts of energy and accelerating the wear of the compressor’s control valves, and thus causing frequent and costly maintenance.

The packaging company called the compressed air experts at Air Technologies® for a solution.

Air Technologies® performed a one-week-long audit of the packaging company’s compressed air system to determine a customized solution that would resolve the issues being caused by the problematic compressor. Air Technologies® identified an opportunity for the customer to minimize energy use, take advantage of local utility rebates and reduce maintenance costs by converting to a properly sized Atlas Copco GA (VSD+) oil-lubricated screw air compressor, which is designed to reduce energy costs by an average of 35 percent. The Atlas Copco GA series air compressor offered the packaging company the reliability and efficiency that the old compressor lacked. It also allowed for the old air compressor to be repurposed as a backup.

The new Atlas Copco air compressor reduced energy use by 56 percent, which helped the packaging company to reach a break even, including installation costs, within one year after installation. The customer was also awarded a rebate worth $46,960 for saving 587,000 kilowatt-hours in energy.

“Energy savings have been noticed on our utility bills! We are thrilled with the success of the project, as well as the smooth installation without a single minute of plant downtime,” said a spokesperson for the packaging company.

Searching for a customized solution to meet your facility’s compressed air demands?

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Switch to DirectAIR® and Make 2019 Your Most Cost-Efficient Year Yet

Maximize productivity and energy efficiency without the capital cost of a new compressed air system.

increase energy savings and earn an energy rebate
Frustrated by high energy costs or frequent breakdowns? Make the switch to DirectAIR®, a compressed air utility that is guaranteed to make 2019 your most profitable year to date! DirectAIR® provides 100-percent reliable compressed air to clients, saving Air Technologies® customers millions of dollars in energy costs, capital costs, maintenance costs and emergency rental costs over the years.

Why DirectAIR®?


    As the pioneer of the fourth-utility concept, Air Technologies® knows a thing or two about high-quality compressed air, delivering more than 8 million hours of reliable operations since 1995.


    Facilities that make the switch to DirectAIR® save up to 50 percent annually in energy costs. Many have also earned energy rebates worth tens of thousands of dollars!


    As a utility service, DirectAIR® customers only pay for use and consumption, eliminating the need to purchase, repair or rent expensive compressed air equipment.


    >Air Technologies® supplies, installs, and operates the new DirectAIR® air compressor system so that your focus can be on your company’s product!


Interested in learning more about DirectAIR? Contact our experts today!

Minimize Costs and Maximize Profitability

Make 2019 Your Most Profitable, Cost-Efficient Year Yet!

Air Technologies® provides exceptional service support to maximize equipment uptime in the most energy-efficient manner. This approach helps customers accelerate their profitability and gain outstanding cost efficiencies all year long!

aftermarket services


Interested in how Air Technologies® services can enhance the life and performance of compressed air equipment — all while reducing operating costs? We offer a wide selection of services and support from industry experts to ensure that your air compressor system is operating at peak efficiency in 2019!



    Our one-stop parts, service and support team satisfies all of your parts requirements, with quick delivery to prevent or minimize downtime.



    Our wireless service center — staffed by factory-trained and certified technicians 24/7/365 — supports all of your compressed air needs. Rely on our quick emergency response, excellent repair services and real-time electronic diagnostic and problem-solving capabilities.



    Air Technologies® Customer Service Agreements result in lower costs from fewer breakdowns and interruptions in production as well as added value and extended life from service by factory-trained technicians.


reason 13: 24/7/365 Support

Reduce Compressed Air Energy Costs with DirectAIR®

Significant Energy Savings of up to 50%
Slash your energy costs by up to 50% with DirectAIR®, a compressed air utility service that provides clean, dry compressed air and superior energy efficiency. It’s a worry-free solution that manufacturers can count on in 2019.

Air Technologies® installs a complete state-of-the-art compressed air system onsite in our own facility at our customers’ manufacturing plants. Air Technologies® installs, owns, operates and maintains the system, so customers don’t have to worry about maintenance or repair costs.

For more than 20 years, DirectAIR® compressed air utility service has helped manufacturers save millions of dollars in energy costs. DirectAIR® provides many other cost-saving benefits

  • Guaranteed supply of compressed air (flow, pressure, and dewpoint))
  • Lowest overall compressed air cost in the industry with no downtime
  • No capital outlay
  • Eliminates oversite by plant personnel so 100% of their time can be focused on plant production
  • Frees plant floor space, leaving more room for production space
  • DirectAIR® is a “fee for service”

DirectAIR by Air Technologies

Avoid another year of paying high energy costs. Contact our experts today!

ModulAIR® and ManagAIR® Reduce Downtime and Cut Energy Usage

A family-owned, private label manufacturer was dealing with costly maintenance repairs at its Sandusky, Ohio, facility due to faulty oil-injected screw compressors. The company, committed to the highest levels of food safety and quality, was dissatisfied with the system as the oil was passing downstream and contaminating the products.

The manufacturer reached out to Air Technologies® for a solution.

Air Technologies® suggested two Atlas Copco ZT37 oil-free air compressors with integrated dryers to replace the underperforming oil-injected compressors. Atlas Copco ZT37 oil-free air compressors are designed to prevent contamination in production facilities, eliminating the risk of unsafe products or losses from operational downtime.

Because the manufacturer had limited floor space, Air Technologies® installed the compressors within a ModulAIR® system — a completely engineered and assembled compressed air plant that’s housed outside and onsite. The system includes all of the necessary accessory components and is ready to operate upon installation. The ModulAIR® system is controlled with ManagAIR® software, the state-of-the-art computerized system by Air Technologies® that centrally monitors and controls compressed air systems 24 hours a day.

The manufacturer’s new and improved compressed air system has helped the facility reduce downtime and decrease maintenance costs. The efficient air compressors and the addition of ManagAIR® have resulted in a reduction in energy usage.

Interested in sharing in the benefits that Air Technologies® solutions can offer? Contact us today!

Buyer Beware: Aftermarket Filters are Not the Same as OEM Filters

An aftermarket (AM) provider was claiming that it sold Atlas Copco original equipment manufacturer (OEM) air filters at a lower cost. The compressed air experts at Air Technologies® conducted an analysis to uncover the truth and did an apples-to-apples comparison.

Not only did the aftermarket provider falsely claim it was selling Atlas Copco OEM air filters, the quality of the AM filters was much lower than Atlas Copco OEM filters. Read further to learn more about what Air Technologies® uncovered.

The AM filters and Atlas Copco OEM filters were sold in similar boxes and they even had identical part numbers.

Despite the packaging similarities, the AM filter and the Atlas Copco OEM filter were quite different. The OEM filter includes extra support around the filter, which helps to prevent premature failure and/or damage to the filter media pleated material due to incoming air.

Both filters include pleated filter media surrounding a center support and foam rubber molded to the ends to secure the media and seal the filter within the housing. However, the “twist” in the filter media and the inconsistent spacing of the pleats on the AM filter indicate sub-standard quality.

The foam molding on the OEM filter is uniform, while the fold molding on the AM filter is inconsistent, which can negatively impact air flow. Loose foam particles can break off and be ingested by the compressor, which can cause failure to the air end.

The air filter is the most important filter on an air compressor, and the media is the most important part of the filter. The more surface area offered by a filter, the longer the filter will last. While both the AM and OEM filters were similar widths, the OEM filter was 20 feet longer than the AM filter.  Atlas Copco’s OEM filter has a surface area 270 sq. ft. larger than the AM filter, and it is also able to capture more dust particulate at a lower pressure for a longer period of time.

Air Technologies® concluded that the aftermarket provider was not offering a product of the same quality as Atlas Copco’s OEM filters.

Are you willing to risk air compressor failure over an inferior aftermarket filter? Ensure that you are getting a quality OEM filter by contacting the compressed air experts at Air Technologies® today.

Looking For an Opportunity to Grow Your Business?

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At Air Technologies®, we take pride in developing successful business relationships. Air Technologies® is the largest Atlas Copco air compressor distributor in the world and we’re looking for exceptional dealers who want to improve their profitability by adding world-class products and services.

Air Technologies® has been an Atlas Copco business partner for more than 55 years. Working together, we have provided superior solutions to help businesses achieve a higher level of profitability and success. Our dealer team is comprised of companies that are eager to succeed by expanding their product and service lines, or companies that use compressed air as a part of their manufactured business solutions.

  • Our successful dealers have the potential to add $500,000 to $1 million in additional revenue per year.
  • Our dealers focus on a core size range encompassing the 5 to 50 HP air compressor market — the larger part of the overall market and quite profitable.
  • Air Technologies® coaches, trains and fully supports committed dealers to grow their businesses and provide their customers with an outstanding overall experience.

We invite you to expand your product portfolio and business opportunities by becoming an Air Technologies® dealer! We’re committed to developing successful business relationships with our dealers so they can achieve a higher level of financial success and better serve the needs of their customers.
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reason 20. expanding opportunities

Achieve 2019 Expansion Goals with DirectAIR®

DirectAIR from Air Technologies
Are you planning to expand in 2019? Whether you are increasing existing production or adding new product lines to expand your offering, DirectAIR®, the division of Air Technologies® that offers compressed air as a fourth utility, may give you the space you need.

With DirectAIR®, Air Technologies® installs a complete, state-of-the-art compressed air facility on a customer’s site, freeing up floor space inside a plant for new or expanded production. Air Technologies® installs, operates, monitors and maintains the system. All that is required from a manufacturer is land and necessary hookups. Once the compressed air system is up and running, the customer receives a monthly bill for use and consumption similar to other utilities.

DirectAIR® customers enjoy other benefits, such as:

  • Guaranteed supply of quality compressed air
  • No downtime
  • No maintenance or rental costs
  • Energy rebates and significantly lower energy costs
  • Zero capital outlay
  • No oversite required by plant personnel
  • Flexible service length agreements

DirectAIR from Air Technologies

Are you searching for a smart way to achieve your 2019 expansion goals? Contact us today to learn more about how DirectAIR® can recover valuable floor space to help you succeed.