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Never Pay for Compressed Air Equipment Again

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Compressed air is your 4th utility
Are you searching for ways to minimize the cost of unexpected, upfront capital investments to replace your current compressed air system? Purchase compressed air like gas, water or electricity and eliminate compressed air equipment capital expenditures for good.

With DirectAIR®, Air Technologies® owns, installs, operates and maintains all compressed air equipment and systems in our own dedicated facility at a customer plant site.
Air Technologies® delivers a consistent supply of compressed air and charges a monthly utility use and consumption fee similar to water, natural gas or electricity suppliers.

Are you still wondering if DirectAIR® is the right choice for your operations? Consider other benefits of DirectAIR®:

  • With DirectAIR®, Air Technologies® installs a remote, state-of-the-art compressed air facility at a customer’s site, freeing up extra space in the plant.
  • DirectAIR® eliminates time spent on compressed air issues so manufacturers can focus on plant productions, plant productivity and results.
  • DirectAIR® provides a guaranteed supply of consistent, superior compressed air.

Find out how you can eliminate compressed air equipment capital expenditures once and for all with DirectAIR® from Air Technologies® today!

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Rotary Screw Compressors

G/GX Series Air Compressor

The G and GX oil-injected rotary screw compressors are designed for reliability and efficiency. Built from superior components and materials, they provide a reliable source of high-quality air in
temperatures up to 115ºF.

G/GX Series Air Compressor

  • Silent Power: Operates at 61 to 68 dB(A).
  • Efficient Energy: Operates at high efficiency with low energy costs.
  • Total Reliability: Designed for 24/7 continuous duty.
  • Easy Installation: Multiple variants to fit any space.


GX4-150TFF (16 cfm @ 150 psig) $5,784
GX5-150TFF (21 cfm @ 150 psig) $6,416
G7-125TFF (40 cfm @ 125 psig) $8,161
G11-125TFF (54 cfm @ 125 psig) $8,919

Variable Speed Drive (VSD) Compressors

GA VSD+ Series Air Compressor

The GA VSD+ oil-injected rotary screw compressors deliver outstanding performance, high productivity and low cost of ownership, meeting the industry’s expectations of the highest quality standards. The VSD+ technology automatically adjusts the motor speed to match the compressed air supply to the demand.

GA VSD+ Series Air Compresso

  • Exceptionally Efficient: Reduces energy consumption by an average of 50%.
  • Operationally Quiet: Operates as quietly as 62 dB(A).
  • Powerfully Effective: Outperforms IE3 efficiency levels with iPM technology.


GA7VSD+FF (15-46 cfm @ 100-175 psig) $11,772
GA11VSD+FF (15-68 cfm @ 100-175 psig) $12,976
GA15VSD+FF (15-87 cfm @ 100-175 psig) $15,313

(Installation, freight, and applicable sales taxes not included.)

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Accessories Manufacturer Reduces Energy Costs & Earns Rebate

truck cap manufacturing

An Ohio-based manufacturer of truck caps and other truck accessories was operating five 50 HP air compressors — three of which featured modulation control units and two that held load and unload control capacity. The compressor system lacked a central control system, which meant that all five compressors were operating independently from one another and only partially loaded. The inefficiencies of the compressed air system caused higher than expected operation costs.

The customer turned to the compressed air experts at Air Technologies® for a more cost-efficient solution.

ManagAIR screens

Air Technologies® provided the customer with a recommendation to install ManagAIR® software, the state-of-the-art computerized system by Air Technologies® that centrally monitors and controls compressed air systems 24 hours a day. ManagAIR® automatically sequences industrial, multiple air compressor systems to reduce energy costs, maintenance costs and downtime, allowing compressed air equipment to operate at peak efficiency 24/7/365.

ManagAIR® has helped the manufacturer maximize the efficiency of its compressed air system. The customer’s new compressed air solution saved them $46,000 in annual energy costs and reduced kilowatt-hours usage by 28 percent, earning the customer a rebate from FirstEnergy of $29,000. In just eight months after installation, the customer received a full return on their investment.

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Need 100% Reliable, Worry-free Compressed Air? DirectAIR® Is your Answer.


Searching for a more efficient and reliable compressed air solution? Air Technologies® makes the choice easy with DirectAIR® compressed air utility service.

>With DirectAIR®, the compressed air experts at Air Technologies® install a remote, state-of-the-art DirectAIR® compressed air facility outside a manufacturer’s plant. Air Technologies® owns, installs, operates, monitors and maintains the air compressor system and takes total system responsibility to supply high-quality, clean, dry, compressed air, so system efficiency and reliability are optimized.

Customers with DirectAIR®:

  • Avoid upfront capital investments
  • Guarantee performance levels
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Eliminate maintenance, repair and parts costs
  • Prevent downtime, lost production and scrap
  • Do away with rental fees
  • Never buy another compressor or dryer
  • Focus on production not air compression

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Screw Compressor Helps Tire Manufacturer Save Energy Costs and Earn Energy Rebate

A Midwestern-based manufacturer of commercial, fleet, retail tire and wheel reconditioning products and services was operating two 50 HP air compressors in a load/unload control scheme to meet the facility’s compressed air demands. Due to a lack of storage, inefficient controls and unexpected spikes in air demands, the air compressors often operated unloaded, wasting significant amounts of energy and leading to premature failure and costly maintenance of the control valves.

The customer turned to the compressed air experts at Air Technologies® for a more reliable and energy-efficient solution.

At no cost, Air Technologies® performed a one-week-long compressed air system survey and identified three major improvements to the customer’s system. First, Air Technologies® installed a new Atlas Copco GA37 VSD+ screw air compressor to better meet the customer’s air demands. Engineered with energy efficiency in mind, the Atlas Copco GA37 VSD+ compressor automatically adjusts its motor speed to accommodate varying compressed air demands. Second, Air Technologies® recommended that the customer add 400 gallons of storage to allow for the customer’s compressed air system to more effectively react to spikes in air demands common in the tire retread process. Third, Air Technologies® installed a new, energy-efficient compressed air dryer.

Following a post-installation audit, Air Technologies® confirmed that the compressed air system improvements resulted in a 61 percent annual energy savings — worth $20,855. The customer also earned an energy rebate of $15,520 from its local electric utility. The upgrades resulted in the tire manufacturer reaching a break-even point on their investment just 14 months after installation.

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Ohio Transmission Corporation announces passing of company founder, David Derrow

David Darrow

Ohio Transmission Corporation, an industrial equipment service provider and distributor headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, announced, with deepest regrets, the passing of company founder, David Derrow.

“Although David has not been active in Ohio Transmission Corporation for many years, the values that he instilled remain the foundation of how we work for our customers, suppliers and other associates,” said Matt Piatt, COO/CFO of Ohio Transmission Corp. “The impact that he made to those both within OTC and the broader distribution world will not soon be forgotten.”

In a 1999 interview with the Columbus Jewish Historical Society, Derrow said that after World War II, he went to work for his father-in-law, who was a partner in Bernstein Brothers Inc., a distributor of mechanical and electrical power transmission equipment, pumps and air compressors in Paterson, N.J. He eventually became vice president and general manager. In 1963, he moved his young family to Columbus, Ohio, where he built a thriving company now known as Ohio Transmission Corporation.

In the 1960s, the company had six employees. Ohio Transmission Corporation today has 37 locations throughout the South, Southeast, Midwest and Northeast regions, along with 16 service shops and has a workforce of more than 900 employees. His son, Philip Derrow, is President/CEO of Ohio Transmission Corp.

David Derrow was active in serving the community, serving as president of the Columbus Jewish Community Center and president of the Columbus Jewish Historical Society. An online guestbook is available at

david darrow on cover of pt distributor 1988  david darrow and family


Learn why customers choose DirectAIR® as their complete compressed air solution.

Stop worrying about compressed air production issues or downtime. DirectAIR® compressed air utility service:

  • Avoids upfront capital investments
  • Guarantees performance levels
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Eliminates maintenance, repair and parts costs
  • Prevents downtime, lost production and scrap
  • Does away with rental fees
  • Ensures customers never have to buy another compressor or dryer

Learn more about why customers choose DirectAIR® for a complete compressed air solution:

quote from energy services company
quote from automotive manufacturer
quote from chemical company
quote from consumer automotive manufacturer

With DirectAIR®, Air Technologies® owns, installs, monitors and maintains an air compressor system in our own facility outside of our customer’s plant, taking total system responsibility and virtually eliminating compressed air worries — guaranteed.

Searching for a reliable compressed air solution? Look no further than DirectAIR® from Air Technologies®!

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Say “goodbye” to downtime and product scrap due to poor air quality and say “hello” to improved efficiency, increased profit and reduced compressed air related equipment maintenance costs with DirectAIR® compressed air utility service from Air Technologies®.

With DirectAIR®, we install a remote, state-of-the-art, compressed air facility on your site. Air Technologies® experts operate and maintain your facility, supplying high-quality, clean, dry compressed air with virtually no downtime — guaranteed.

Learn why customers rely on DirectAIR® for their complete compressed air solution

  • Guarantees customers continuous compressed air, and is billed similarly to utilities.
  • Frees up floor space for production equipment, not compressed air equipment.
  • Lowers energy costs by up to 50% and helps its customers earn rebates worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Eliminates product scrap and lost production due to low air pressure or poor compressed air quality.
  • Requires no maintenance, repair, parts or rental costs.
  • Eliminates oversight by plant personnel so that 100% of their time can be focused on plant production.

Frustrated with your compressed air system? Learn how DirectAIR® from Air Technologies® can remove the risk of downtime once and for all.

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DirectAIR® Provides Unexpected Benefits

Reduce energy costs, improve space use and cut down noise disruption the way New Center Stamping did with DirectAIR® compressed air utility service from Air Technologies®, a total industrial solutions provider.

Air Technologies® teamed up with The Energy Alliance Group of Michigan and performed an extensive air audit for New Center Stamping, which had an existing compressed air system that dated as far back as the 1920s. New Center Stamping offers a wide array of stamped components and welded assemblies, and production highly depends on access to a reliable source of compressed air to eliminate unnecessary downtime.

The experts at Air Technologies® calculated the quantity of air needed for full production and created a customized DirectAIR® solution for the customer. With DirectAIR®, Air Technologies®’ installed a state-of-the-art compressed air system in its own facility outside of the New Center Stamping plant.

With the improvements, the New Center Stamping staff has been able to depend on a reliable supply of compressed air. As a utility service, DirectAIR® customers only pay for use and consumption, eliminating the need to purchase, repair or rent expensive compressed air equipment. New Center Stamping is thrilled with the unexpected benefits that DirectAIR® offers beyond maintaining reliable production:

  • Noise Reduction

    Moving the compressed air system out of the plant significantly reduced the noise level.

  • Computer-Controlled Air Consumption

    The DirectAIR® solution provided a significant reduction in energy use with computer-monitored air production, resulting in optimal air volume with no excess waste and about a 60% reduction in the company’s electric bill.

  • Improved Use of Space

    The former compressed air equipment was removed, freeing up extra space in the plant. The added space allowed New Center Stamping to create an additional storage area.

  • Offsite Equipment Observation

    With DirectAIR®, the compressed air system is constantly monitored offsite and an automated system alerts Air Technologies® technicians before New Center Stamping is even aware there is a problem. If an issue with a compressor or dryer will adversely affect the pressure, flow or dewpoint, that unit is taken off-line and back-up equipment immediately takes over to continue producing clean, dry compressed air. Immediate system responsiveness ensures no adverse impact to compressed air flow, pressure or dewpoint.

To learn if your plant meets the requirements for DirectAIR® compressed air utillity service, contact our experts today!

Atlas Copco Air Compressor Helps Packaging Company Reduce Energy Usage by 56% and Earn $46,960 Energy Rebate

Atlas Copco GA VSD
An Indianapolis-based facility that specializes in custom packaging solutions for branded and healthcare markets was operating an oversized air compressor that was cycling excessively, using significant amounts of energy and accelerating the wear of the compressor’s control valves, and thus causing frequent and costly maintenance.

The packaging company called the compressed air experts at Air Technologies® for a solution.

Air Technologies® performed a one-week-long audit of the packaging company’s compressed air system to determine a customized solution that would resolve the issues being caused by the problematic compressor. Air Technologies® identified an opportunity for the customer to minimize energy use, take advantage of local utility rebates and reduce maintenance costs by converting to a properly sized Atlas Copco GA (VSD+) oil-lubricated screw air compressor, which is designed to reduce energy costs by an average of 35 percent. The Atlas Copco GA series air compressor offered the packaging company the reliability and efficiency that the old compressor lacked. It also allowed for the old air compressor to be repurposed as a backup.

The new Atlas Copco air compressor reduced energy use by 56 percent, which helped the packaging company to reach a break even, including installation costs, within one year after installation. The customer was also awarded a rebate worth $46,960 for saving 587,000 kilowatt-hours in energy.

“Energy savings have been noticed on our utility bills! We are thrilled with the success of the project, as well as the smooth installation without a single minute of plant downtime,” said a spokesperson for the packaging company.

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