Audit Your Way to Savings: Why You Need an MBox Audit

Audit Your Way to Savings: Why You Need an MBox Audit

An MBox Audit is a weeklong 24/7 profile of your production air requirements and power cost. During the audit, our MBox data loggers record the activity of your compressors. You receive a detailed report with your compressor scope of supply, data pages (including power and air consumption, load cycles, running hours, etc.), profile graphs and charts, and solutions to lower your cost.

What Does an MBox Audit Do For You?

Why Do You Need an MBox Audit?
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  • Records hard data based on actual measurements of your air compressors in use.
  • Shows exactly where you can make improvements in your compressed air system to reduce operating costs.
  • Plots simulations using your data to show benefits of upgrading to new technology.
  • Projects payback periods to justify a cost-saving capital investment.
  • Provides professional audit/profile reports to help you lower your cost.


How will you benefit?

  • If your compressed air system is running efficiently, we will tell you.
  • If you can run your compressed air system more efficiently, we will show you how.
  • If fixing problems or upgrading to more efficient technology will pay for itself, we’ll back it up with data and propose a solution that will lower your cost.

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